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Digital Campaigns

A tailored digital marketing campaign can reach a targeted audience in a cost-effective and measurable way; increasing brand loyalty and drive online sales.

LJB Studio offers a range of services from strategy and design, through to implementation and data analysis, to help increase brand visibility online and global reach.

Whether you’re looking to develop a branded social media channel and increase website traffic, or want to create, publish, and distribute newsletter content, a consistent online aesthetic can be delivered across a range of responsive platforms for projects of all sizes. Services include:

• Marketing campaigns
• Social media toolkits
• Newsletter design
• Newsletter build
• Data analysis
• Copywriting
• Photography styling
• Campaign scheduling
• Campaign strategy
• Content design creation



An easy to navigate, responsive website is the most effective way to build, professionalise and tell a brand story; helping to increase credibility with potential customers

Drawing on 10 years’ experience, LJB Studio supports clients in efficiently promoting products or services online, to help improve SEO and increase conversion rates.

Through a content managed site, information is easy to update and keep track of visitors; delivering exceptional work on time and within budget, all elements of the process are managed efficiently and with extra finesse. Services include:

Services include: 

• Website design
• Website build
• E-commerce
• Hosting and domain names
• Email set-up
• Data analysis
• Content management system
• Google analytics
• Booking systems
• Copywriting
• Photography styling


Infographics and Illustration

A beautiful, visual representation of data can help people to easily digest information; enhancing knowledge retention and recall.

Whether illustrating brand values, important statistics, a step-by-step guide, charts and graphs, organisational hierarchies or timelines, LJB Studio helps companies to develop eye-catching and memorable illustrations that truly transforms information.

Every aspect customisable; helping to keep a consistent look and feel for enhanced brand awareness, whilst standing out in the market place with simplified complex ideas. Services include:

• Data visualisation
• Statistics
• Infographics
• Illustration
• Iconography
• Maps
• Charts and graphs
• Step-by-step guide
• Organisational hierarchies
• Mind Mapping
• Timelines