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The Nature of paper

Our Sustainable Paper Lab


Committed to producing print responsibly, LJB Studio offers a consultancy service and paper laboratory that supports businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and impacts on climate change.

Whether marketing materials, packaging, event or exhibition literature, stationery or point of sale, clients have access to choosing responsibly from well-managed supply sources, reducing waste and offsetting carbon.


Our Sustainable Paper Laboratory

LJB Studio have carefully curated a library consisting of over 400 paper specimens of the highest sustainable accreditations, paired with the lowest environmental impact, from trusted international paper merchants.

Every step of the process considered from tree auditing, renewable wood sourcing, transportation and energy use, through to water consumption, recycling and tree replantation, to ensure a sustainable circle economy.


Certified Sustainable Accreditations

More information about the terminology can be found here.


Our Current Library of Specimens



Looking for environmentally friendly paper for your marketing materials or packaging?

Let’s chat. The paper laboratory is accessible to anyone wanting to reduce their impacts on climate change. Whether you need help to specify some sustainable paper or you’d like to visit, just drop us an email.