LJB Studio

Branding Services




Brand Identity

A bespoke logo identity can help a brand effectively communicate its purpose and values, to attract their ideal customer.

Whether an emerging company breaking into the market, or an established name in need of new direction, LJB Studio creates distinct identities that complement high-end products or services, with understated confidence.

Through developing a consistent aesthetic that can be rolled out across both print and online platforms, brands can be assured that their commercial objectives are being supported in the most beautiful way possible. Services include:

• Naming
• Identity design
• Font pairing
• Colour palette


Brand Consultancy

Brand consultancy provides an in-depth analysis and solutions to help companies achieve their goals and objectives in a more structured yet creative manner.

LJB Studio helps to implement strategies for both new and existing products or services, identifying who they are, what they stand for and what makes them different, whilst undertaking competitor analysis, building customer profiles and establishing brand values.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fields of marketing and design, LJB Studio conducts a creative evaluation, define brand elements and tone, as well as developing a marketing plan through analysis of current market data and trends, confidently delivering on both brand strategy and design. Services include:

• Brand research
• Brand strategy
• Brand values
• Brand personality
• Marketing plan
• Mission statement
• Competitor analysis
• Customer profile
• Creative evaluation
• Brand design development


Brand Guidelines

A well-organised, clear brand guideline document serves as a reference point to help businesses create a consistent look and feel across all marketing platforms.

Working with both emerging brands in need of some design direction and growing businesses who have lost their identification, LJB Studio simplifies design decision-making by outlining the rules for how your logo, typefaces, primary and secondary colour palette are applied across both print and digital platforms.

All design elements are tailored to individual needs, and makes for an easy manual for anyone who uses your brand including employees and marketing agencies, to build trust and recognition. Services include:

• Identity usage
• Font pairing
• Colour palette
• Design layouts
• Illustration styling
• Photography styling
• Social media profile
• Copywriting